Dubai International Boat Show 2020
Author: manager
10 Mar 2019

Dubai International Boat Show 2020

On March 10-14, 2020, the Dubai International Yacht Show is expected, which is a great opportunity for both manufacturers to show their products and for the visitor not only to see the most modern and luxurious yachts with their own eyes, but also to have fun with the whole family.

The Middle East Yacht Show Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) is the largest classic display in the Middle East of marine yachts and ships, as well as equipment and services for the marine leisure industry. DIBS visitors will be presented models of yachts and boats that have already become classics, as well as new products from world manufacturers. To achieve the status of the largest and most famous international event in its field (DIBS is one of the five leading international exhibitions of yachts and boats), the exhibition has come a long way with a rich history and proven reputation. The huge success of the exhibition contributes to the growing interest of leading European and American shipbuilding companies in the Middle East market.

Main DIBS profiles: boats, motor and sailing yachts and boats, expensive super-class yachts, marine equipment and accessories, engines, generators, drives, pumps, cables, masts, anchors, equipment for heating and air conditioning, lighting systems, navigation systems, deck fittings, special ship coatings and paints, products and services for sea tourism and travel, ship chartering, water sports, clothing, goods and accessories for sports fishing, diving, water skiing, windsurfing and others. In the program Amme of a fascinating, dynamic and fun five-day show - targeted solutions and products for families, products and services for successful, high-income customers, extreme sports, ATVs and buggy races, etc.

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