Team matching

Crewing is a responsible task, the implementation of which requires taking into account many details and subtleties. The crew and staff of the yacht must meet high standards and have sufficient experience for professional performance of duties.

MINDYACHTS provides crewing services for yachts, cruise liners and other premium craft. When recruiting a team, we take into account:

  • the experience of specialists;
  • their recommendations;
  • the duration of the sea cruise;
  • features of the customer’s craft;
  • customer wishes.

Depending on the size of the vessel, we are ready to offer both an individual skipper and a full crew.

Proper crewing is the key to a comfortable sea cruise

The staff of the premium yacht must correspond to it in terms of professionalism and guest service. MINDYACHTS regularly updates the database of the most competent crew members, able to provide the most comfortable conditions for each guest of the yacht. The professional crew has extensive experience in personalized guest service and maintaining perfect order on board.

MINDYACHTS specialists are ready to offer both individual crew members and a full-fledged team consisting of:

  • captain;
  • assistants to the captain;
  • an engineer;
  • boatswain;
  • sailors;
  • cooks;
  • stewards;
  • cleaners.

You can rest assured: surrounded by real professionals, your boat trip will be perfect. If desired, the customer can request a nanny, translator, stylist, tailor and other specialists necessary for the cruise for the yacht.