Prefer to relax on the water, surrounded by complete silence and brilliance of the sea surface? Such a rest should be carried out in the most comfortable conditions, namely on the deck of a luxury yacht.

Do not have your own yacht?

Today this is not an obstacle for lovers of boat trips, because any yacht can be quickly and profitably rented. MINDYACHTS specialists are always ready to help in choosing the right model and solving related issues.

Yacht Charter

Our company operates on an international level, which is the key to selecting the most profitable rental offers. In addition to selecting the best solutions, we are ready to make the most convenient cruise route for the client. We care about our regular customers and are ready to provide them with additional discounts.

Any event will become brighter

Renting a yacht for a celebration or business event is a win-win solution. Guests can enjoy the most comfortable conditions of the yacht club, enjoy beautiful views and breathe the sea air. Let's not forget that relaxing on a yacht is fashionable, aesthetically pleasing and indicates the delicate taste of the organizer of the celebration. A luxury yacht will be a great place for receptions and banquets, boat trips, excursions, weddings, corporate parties, business presentations.

MINDYACHTS is ready to offer a wide selection of luxury yacht charter offers from renowned manufacturers.