Evaluation boat

The most important procedure, without which the purchase or sale of a yacht is not complete, is an assessment of its market value. Only a competent specialist is able to accurately determine the market value of a marine vessel, the price of which is formed from numerous factors. The cost of a yacht depends on:

  • its technical characteristics;
  • year of release;
  • manufacturer;
  • class;
  • degree of wear;
  • flag under which the yacht is registered.

An examination to assess the condition of a marine vessel requires the expert to have a deep knowledge of the technical structure of the yacht, as well as knowledge of the legal details of the process.

MINDYACHTS provides yacht valuation services. We have experienced surveyors who are ready to quickly and competently determine the real value of any model of a yacht. When assessing the value, not only the technical specifications of the model, but also the market conditions are taken into account.

Why is expertise so important?

Assessment is an extremely important procedure for each of the parties to the transaction. Having the expert opinion on the hands indicating the recommended price of the yacht, the seller inspires the trust of most potential buyers. As a result, all participants in the transaction benefit:

  • the buyer may not doubt the honesty of the seller;
  • the seller receives a guarantee for the sale of the yacht at a discounted price.

MINDYACHTS specialists are the guarantor of the quick sale of a marine vessel in the secondary market. We have extensive experience in the successful evaluation and subsequent sale of premium yachts and we know how to use the results of expertise with maximum benefit. For more information on the conditions of the assessment, please contact our consultants