Registration boat

Registering a yacht or other marine vessel is a complex multi-stage procedure requiring the involvement of a specialist. The registration process and the procedure for its implementation depend on the following factors:

  • type of watercraft;
  • features of the legislation of the state on the territory of which the vessel is executed

According to the norms of the law, sea and river watercraft are classified as immovable objects that are not tied to land and do not belong to the territory of a certain country. These features can significantly complicate the process of registering a yacht if an experienced specialist does not come to the rescue.

Yacht Registration

One of MINDYACHTS specialties is to assist customers in the design of yachts, boats, motor boats and other watercraft in accordance with legal requirements. Our main advantage is the ability to register a ship in any country in strict accordance with the current foreign jurisdiction. Experienced MINDYACHTS specialists have sufficient knowledge of the laws of Britain, the USA, Iceland and other countries, which allows us to choose the best registration form for the client. In addition, we provide related services in:

  • collection of documents;
  • tax advice;
  • control over the receipt of certificates and permits.

Registration of a craft on the territory of the Russian Federation is a task that our team will cope with in record time. We will make sure that the yacht is named, issued certificates for the right to fly the Russian flag, as well as other documents of title.

MINDYACHTS guarantees the purity and transparency of all legal transactions, the competent approach of specialists and full client support.