Buy boat
Want to buy a yacht or boat? MINDYACHTS experts will help you choose the right model and provide comprehensive support at any stage of yacht ownership. MINDYACHTS customer service has been perfected. We will do everything so that every step of owning a yacht will give you pleasure - from the purchase and operation of your yacht until its subsequent sale on the secondary market through MINDYACHTS.
Sell boat
“Grown” from your current yacht? Congratulations! MINDYACHTS will help you quickly and easily sell your yacht in the secondary market. Experienced specialists from the MINDYACHTS department will conduct a technical examination of your yacht, determine its market value, and also help you draw up all the necessary documents and agree on all details for the sale of the yacht.
Evaluation boat
In preparing a yacht or boat for sale, an important role is played by a competent assessment of their value. The correct determination of the price consists of many factors, including the technical characteristics of the vessel, the determination of the level of wear of its hull, engine and other elements, as well as the flag under which it is registered. Given the importance of such an examination, it is obvious that it requires not only excellent knowledge in the field of yacht building, but also an impeccable knowledge of the legal subtleties of the issue.
Registration boat
Yachts and boats, like any expensive property, must be properly executed and have the necessary set of documents for safe operation in any water area, whether it be a reservoir near Moscow or the Mediterranean Sea. Registering a vessel secures your ownership rights and gives you the right to fly the flag.
Many shipowners will sooner or later face issues related to the transport of yachts and boats. MINDYACHTS specialists have extensive experience in yacht logistics, allowing us to advise our customers and provide services related to the transport of a yacht or boat to almost anywhere in the world.
Charter - a great opportunity to choose a new yacht for each subsequent vacation, without worrying about issues related to its purchase, maintenance and seasonal storage. In addition to solving all the formalities associated with renting a yacht, we provide high-quality concierge service to our clients so that you can get maximum pleasure not only on board but also on the beach - from booking tables in the best restaurants to organizing private shopping tours and other entertainments .
Team matching
The trouble-free operation and comfortable life on board the yacht to a large extent depend on the professionalism and personal qualities of the crew. A poorly selected crew can spoil the impression of even the most luxurious megayacht. The experience gained over the years in the yachting industry allows us to select teams for servicing yachts at the highest level and give appropriate recommendations, taking into account the peculiarities of the shipowner's lifestyle and his plans for operating the yacht.
Service maintenance
High-quality and timely maintenance of a motor yacht or boat is the key to their long and trouble-free operation. In this regard, MINDYACHTS customers feel absolutely calm and confident - we pay great attention to the first-class service of the yachts and boats entrusted to us. For warranty and post-warranty service in Russia, MINDYACHTS customers can contact a certified Service Marine service center. It serves motor yachts and boats of various manufacturers and any size. Many years of experience and built relationships with suppliers allow us to repair any vessels in the shortest possible time and with guaranteed quality.