Motorcycles and Boat Show 2021

Motorcycles and Boat Show 2021

Motorcycles and Boat Show 2021 is an exhibition of motor vehicles, boats and yachts, taking place in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava.

Excursions on motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, motorcycle accessories, as well as clothes, shoes, accessories and services for motorcyclists, as well as an attractive accompanying program are guaranteed to please everyone.

The event is complemented by an attractive accompanying program with stunt performances, demonstrations of stuntmen and motorcycle trials, test rides on scooters, signing autographs and rock concerts, competitions and entertainment in the Motozone. An integral part of the exhibition is the solemn announcement of the results of the survey of professional journalists "Motorcycle of the Year" and the competition for the construction and modification of motorcycles "Customs of Slovakia".

An important part of the Motorcycles and Boat Show 2021 is the international yacht show - a show of sailboats, yachts, motor boats, jet skis and necessary accessories. The interesting offer of boats and accessories will appeal not only to all professional yachtsmen, but also to those who are still thinking of experiencing this lifestyle on the water.

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