Tallinn Boat Show 2021

Tallinn Boat Show 2021

Tallinn Boat Show 2021 is an international exhibition of boats and yachts, in which more than a hundred companies participate.

  • More than 105 companies from Estonia and other countries are represented
  • 180 boats and powerboats, sailboats and yachts
  • Marine clothing and marine equipment
  • Associations and state institutions related to sea and small shipping

A visitor who does not yet have experience of going to sea will find at the exhibition a lot of interesting things for himself, as well as acquire knowledge and skills on topics different from navigation. Anyone who at least occasionally goes out as an amateur or a tourist will be interested in getting acquainted with modern means of communication, navigation and rescue equipment.

In addition to a varied display, Tallinn Boat Show 2021 offers practical knowledge. Both government officials and volunteer rescuers will tell about the real sea experience at the exhibition. It will be possible to learn the techniques of revitalization, in a special stimulator to check for yourself how long you can stay on the water in a state of fatigue or intoxication. Legendary yachtsmen and boatmen will also perform in a rich program of lectures.

If you are interested in finding out more, please reach out to your preferred yacht charter broker.